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Every once in awhile, my brain emerges from mommy fog and I have an A-HA! moment. This was one of those few and far between moments. I used my Cricut Explore Air 2 to cut name tags out of the plastic report covers you can get at the dollar store.

I found one this at Dollar Tree, but you can find similar plastic report covers at any dollar store or office supply.

First, I split the folder into two sheets of plastic, removing the binding hardware and the clear plastic flap on the inside. I took one sheet and secured it on my StrongGrip cutting mat using painter’s tape. For the cut, I used my standard blade and the natural wood veneer setting. With this setting, the Cricut goes over the same cut multiple times, ensuring that the plastic is cut clean through.

I decided to try the tags a couple of different ways. For the first go around, I sliced her name out of the plastic. For the second round, I cut her name out of permanent adhesive vinyl and stuck it to the tag. I liked this version better.

Finally, I attached a jump ring. You could also attach a lobster claw clasp, so that you can easily remove and attach it to different items.

Hope that inspires some fun ideas! Let me know in the comments below if you want me to do a video tutorial. 🙂


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