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I had an idea in my head, it didn’t work out…but this second iteration worked out beautifully. My initial idea was to use up my adhesive vinyl scraps on pre-cut wood discs, but when I tried to pierce a hole through the disc, I split the wood.

So I dug around my supplies and found these ribbon crimps. And they worked like a charm. Here’s what you’ll need:

I found these wood discs at Hobby Lobby. Here’s a comparable product on Amazon.

I also used acrylic paint to add some color to the wood discs, but you could use scrapbook paper, fabric, vinyl cuts, there are endless ways to decorate those discs.

It honestly takes longer to assemble the materials than it does to make these. Step 1: Make the wood pretty. Step 2: Attach the ribbon crimp to the wood disc.

Step 3: Attach jump rings, ear wires, and you’re done!



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