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I’m both that mom…and that mom. Work life has been so busy lately, that I haven’t had a chance to grab Valentine’s Day cards yet. Given that Valentine’s Day is still four days away, I figured I had plenty of time to grab some.


I forgot. We don’t have school on Valentine’s Day. It’s President’s Day weekend. So the kindergarteners are going to do their exchange early. I could go out in my slippers and pajamas and buy some… or I could just design something super quick, print and cut them out. So that’s what I did. In my pajamas. At 10p.

And if you’re in my slippers, feel free to download my file and print out your own set. I did it in PowerPoint, so you’re able to customize the text on your own if you’d like. I printed mine out onto white cardstock, and they came out beautifully.

The finished valentines. I may have to slip one in my own wallet.

There are 22 students in Mackenzie’s class. There are eight cards per sheet. So I only had to print and cut three sheets. Took less than 20 minutes to do that using my favorite Cricut paper trimmer. (That’s an affiliate link, so I may earn commission if you decide to get one of these. If you do anything with paper, this trimmer/scorer is amazing. Best $10 investment ever.)

If you found this useful and you’re so inclined, please consider sending a couple bucks my way via PayPal, Zelle or Venmo ( I’m raising funds for Fundacion Unidos Para Servir, a small community organization that is doing grassroots disaster recovery in Puerto Rico. Given everything that’s hit that island this past year, they need all the help they can get, and I’m headed out to visit them in March. And this way, 100% of your funds go right into the hands of the people that need it most. Thank you!


Distracted, working mom seeking short escapes from a hectic life via quick crafts and fast food. Sure, she could meditate, after she cleans the house.

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