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Disclosure: I have a toddler, therefore I’m broke.  As such, some of the links included below are affiliate links and if I’m lucky, I’ll earn a couple cents in commission.  Hey, every little bit helps!

Today is Kenzie’s 2nd birthday, and I wanted to send her off to daycare tomorrow with something special for her classmates.  While running through the grocery store a week ago, I spotted these tiny tubs of Play Doh.  There were 15 tubs in a package, and there were 15 other toddlers in Kenzie’s class.  Sold.

But it’s not in me to just distribute as is.  I needed to Yellow Martha these babies up.  So here I am, 10 pm on a work night, whipping up custom labels for mini tubs of Play Doh.  I used Photoshop, a printer, my handy dandy Xyron (I LOVE this thing.  I bought it for my wedding and have used it many times since.), and a pair of scissors.  (Too tired to dig for my 1″ punch.)

If you haven’t worked with a Xyron before, they’re amazing.  You can turn anything into a sticker.  Cut out images from a magazine, voila, sticker.  Punch out shapes from your kid’s artwork, voila, sticker.  Find some clip art, print it out, voila, sticker.  All for under $30.  You just can’t beat that.I think they came out pretty cute, even though we’re running out of ink.  If you want the PSD file to play with, here ya go.

If you do something similar, post it in the comments!  I’m always looking for new inspiration. 🙂


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