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We spent the week between Christmas and New Year’s in Vegas.  During which we rented a car (an Infiniti thanks to Jeff’s corporate status) and made our way out to the Hualapai’s West Grand Canyon.  This was an incredible day trip.  We stopped at a gas station to fuel up in advance, and bought pre-paid tickets for the tour, skywalk, and dinner for $80.  I was skeptical.  I was wrong.  The canyon is amazingly beautiful, awe-inspiring and humbling.  The entire experience was efficient, well-run and respectful of the environment.  They ran shuttles very frequently, so long lines were really not long at all and everyone got an unobstructed, majestic view without feeling like part of a herd.  At the end of the day, they moved babies (and mamas) to the front, to ensure they didn’t experience any cold desert night.  Dinner was in the Hualapai lodge, generous and familial.  BBQ ribs, cornbread, two sides and dessert, and as you can see, there was entertainment.  I’m so grateful that this didn’t turn out to be the over-commercialized attraction that many national parks have become, and instead, was an experience that will stay with us for a lifetime.


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