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This post is NOT sponsored. I bought everything with my own hard-earned cash 🙂

Nordstrom holds such a special place in my memories. When I was a kid, you could go to Nordstrom Cafe, and help yourself to a cup of coffee for $0.25. And it was an honor box system. I remember going there with my parents, putting a quarter in the wooden box, and filling up diner mugs of coffee for mom and dad.

That honor box coffee is long gone, but whenever I walk into a Nordstrom, I still smile from the memory.

Every year, right before the Fall season, Nordstrom has an Anniversary Sale. I love this sale, because they discount items ahead of the season, as opposed to following the season. I also love this sale, because as a long-time cardholder, I get early access, which gives me the chance to buy something before it sells out. Stuff still does sell out super quickly though. If you have your eye on something though, keep watching it. With this sale, the return rate is higher than usual, so there’s a chance that your wish list item will get re-stocked. In fact, of the nine items I purchased, one was cancelled, and three are being returned.


From left to right:
SPANX Faux Leather Leggings, $64.60, down from $98
BB Dakota x Steve Madden Camden Hoodie Dress, $54.90, down from $89
Charles Henry Midi T-Shirt Dress, $51.90, down from $88
Open Edit Double V Throw On Dress, $39.90, down from $69
Thread & Supply Shirt Jacket, $31.90, down from $49

I’m keeping the leggings, the short dress, and the shacket. The length of the two longer dresses wasn’t flattering on my 5’5″ frame. And the hoodie dress just felt like wearing pajamas…in which case, I would rather wear actual pajamas. The Open Edit dress has these cuffed sleeves that are so cute, and it’s soft as heck. Looks great with leggings and above-the-knee boots.


A lot of people in my moms group are talking about these P448 shoes. I was so excited to try on the one on the far left, the Guantino, but my order got cancelled. I was so bummed. I placed another order for two more pairs. They haven’t shown up yet, but I’m definitely returning one or both. At the time I placed the order, both were very low in stock for my size.

From left to right:
P448 John Low Top Sneaker, Guantino, $199.90, down from $298
P448 Thea Platform Sneaker, Sunset, $178.80, down from $298
P448 Thea Leopard Embossed Sneaker, $199.90, down from $298

Super pricey sneaks, so we’ll see. I’m hoping that they’re nice enough to wear to work.


I absolutely adore these sunglasses. Adore them. They’re affordable, comfortable, and make me feel badass. I actually found these in-store, when I was waiting for them to find my order.

Quay High Key Mini Gradient Aviators, $42.90, down from $65

Here’s the picture I sent to the husband and to the bestie, to get opinions prior to purchase.

Total pre-tax damage before shoes: $212.70. We’ll see what the damage is after I try these fancy shoes on. 🙂


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