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So…we had a birthday party planned for Kenzie this past weekend, and she woke up with a fever over 100. Fevers are for sure the worst party favor ever, so we had to tell her she couldn’t go to her own party. She cried, and through her tears, said, “Make sure they still get the unicorn plates!”

We already paid for the venue (a DIY slime shop!), the cake, the goody bags, the snacks, etc. Plus, 15 of her friends had already been counting down the days. So we couldn’t cancel the party. I ended up going without her. But before I left, we put her in a party dress and did her makeup. Then she and Jeff made this video for her friends. This six-year-old little girl has more class than I’ve ever had. “Rise up in your heart.”

Her friends were also all very sweet and understanding. When I came home with an enormous amount of presents and a video of her friends singing her happy birthday, her whole face lit up.

She has so much natural empathy and love in her heart, it’s amazing and humbling. I’m one super proud mama.


Distracted, working mom seeking short escapes from a hectic life via quick crafts and fast food. Sure, she could meditate, after she cleans the house.

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