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I Konmari’d my daughter’s closet yesterday.  She’s 2 years old, and I had stuff in her closet from when she was first born.  I can’t help it.  It’s as though hanging onto those baby clothes, blankets and swaddlers will somehow keep her from growing up so fast.

I was doing a great job with the donation pile, until I got to the swaddlers.  There were two I just couldn’t pull away from my face.  They were so soft and sweetly scented of warmth and baby.  I couldn’t let them go.  And then, epiphany struck.  Pillow cases.  For her big girl’s bed.  Of course!

But wait, it gets better.  Two seams.  No cutting.  Literally done in less than five minutes.  Here’s the tutorial.

1. Fold the swaddler in half widthwise, right sides facing.  (Fold the top to meet the bottom).
2. Sew a 1/8″ seam along the long side.  It’s a small seam allowance, because you need that width if you have puffy pillows as I do.  Smaller pillow, larger seam allowance.
3. Figure out how long you want the pillowcase to be, and add one more seam along the bottom.
4. Turn right side out and insert pillow.

You’ll notice that I did not cut off the excess fabric.

Yellow Martha has a toddler.  Yellow Martha ain’t got time for that.

Besides, it’s on the inside of the pillow, no one’s going to see it except me, when I do the laundry.  But okay, if you have an additional minute of time, and you haven’t hidden every single pair of scissors in the house because todder, then go on.  You do you.


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