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On Tuesday, I wanted to explore Potawatomi State Park. The park is the eastern end of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, but since part of that trail was restricted, I decided to head for the Hemlock Trail, a 2.6 mile loop that wound through a beautiful forest full of beech and maple trees, with a short stint along the shoreline. I was hoping to spot some morel mushrooms, and while none were to be had, there was an abundance of wildflowers…and of course one deer. I don’t know what it is with me and deer, but I was wearing a bright orange parka, making all sorts of noise, and on a clearly defined hiking trail. And yet a deer decided to bound across my path, as if to remind me of my previous encounter. I joke that I must smell like a salt lick, but it was a beautiful moment.

I also managed to squeeze in a geocache, though this one was a few ticks off the listed coordinates.

And while I didn’t find any morels, I did find other fungi.

And some lovely hearts for Kenzie.

The entire day was just incredibly humbling, and a reminder that even though we were all quarantined, the beauty of nature continued to thrive.

For lunch, I headed into Sturgeon Bay in search of Kinara, an Indian take-out hidden in a Mobil gas station. Absolutely delicious! 10/10 would eat there again. I had mutter paneer and lamb kati, and both dishes were full of that mouth-filling, spicy richness. They did not skimp on the heat at all, and I loved it.

After lunch, I hit Green Bay, for no reason other than I’d never been there, and I wanted to see what it looked like! Maybe I wasn’t in the right area, but it just struck me as typical suburban. I did manage to find a couple cute shops though, and my new favorite hat.

And that closed out day one in Door County! I was back at my campsite by 5p, with enough time to set up camp, eat dinner and read before darkness hit. Then I snuggled up in Panda Express, watched some Netflix, and fell asleep happy and fulfilled.


Distracted, working mom seeking short escapes from a hectic life via quick crafts and fast food. Sure, she could meditate, after she cleans the house.

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