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Finally, a Pinterest win!  Thank you to for this incredible, downloadable, free PDF plan.  You made my summer!

I’m in Chicago, and all the materials for this project, including the sand, cost me about $30.  I had to Macgyver it a bit…my Home Depot did not carry the 3-way connector (the corner piece) that was listed, but I just used a couple adapters that were about $0.20 a piece and it worked out just fine.

I also purchased a pipe cutter, which was a total waste of money and ended up getting returned.  It was much easier and faster to use a hacksaw, as the cuts don’t have to be perfectly straight because of the connectors.

Another tip, buy more than one Sterilite container so you can have both a sand table as well as a water table without having to empty one out.  These containers have lids, so it’s super easy to stack and store them.

Other sensory ideas to fill up those containers:
– Fuzzy, puff balls
– Rice, beans, dried noodles (hide little treasures in the rice if your child is old enough!)
– Shaving cream with food coloring
– Finger paint
– Shredded paper

Let me know if you have any other ideas!


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