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This post contains affiliate links, so maybe if you buy a bento lunchbox, I might make a whole penny. Then again, I’d never say no to a penny. Money’s money! 🙂

Kenzie’s first week of kindergarten was a success! There were some meltdowns on the first day of school, like when the bus didn’t show up, and when it was time to go home. There was one scraped knee, one lost thermos, and one head-on collision involving a roller slide at the playground. None of which matter when your kid is happy and excited to go back the next day.

Surprisingly, Kenzie’s also eaten most of her lunch everyday! We use the BentGo lunchbox system, which makes prepping super easy. Main course, two or three sides, and a small treat. I love it because it closes securely, doesn’t leak and is easy for her to open. You can also buy extra trays and lids, making it easy to prep lunch in advance without having to buy multiple lunchboxes.

Here’s what she had for lunch today: rice with ham and furikake, fried gyoza, mandarin oranges and Sixlets. (Did you know Sixlets are peanut free!?)

For more school lunch inspiration, check these out! Stephanie of @lovedbygiselle did a week of “Ditch the ‘Wich.” Lots of awesome ideas here. Some of my favorite ideas include:
– Vegetable sticks with a variety of dips: spinach artichoke, hummus, ranch, etc.
– Tortilla roll-ups, cut into pinwheels
– Jell-O! Peanut-free for the win!

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Mayumi of Taste of Japan is my bento muse. Her creations are just incredible. From Hello Kitty carrot cutouts to Darth Vader and Storm Trooper rice balls, you can see the love and fun she infuses in each meal. I seriously wish she was my mom.

Image source: Taste of Japan

Rina at Bento School Lunches is also a great resource for school lunch ideas. She did this post about food on a stick that is so much fun! And, it’s super easy to make your own fun food picks out of dollar store supplies.

Image source: Bento School Lunches

Hope you and yours have a wonderful school year!


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