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This might have to go down in the books as one of the most enjoyable mornings of my life. My conference didn’t start until late in the afternoon, so I had a whole stretch of the day to explore the city. I decided to wander around Williamsburg, a wonderfully diverse neighborhood on the west end of Brooklyn. It’s the kind of neighborhood where metal fabrication warehouses are located right next to hip cafes, and second-hand shops get just as much foot traffic as high-end boutiques.

First stop, Caprices by Sophie. This place is clearly where the locals go for their morning coffee. It’s a tiny, minimalist storefront, with baked offerings displayed in baskets and in a single display case. There are a couple small tables along the wall, without an inch of space to spare. But you’re not going for ambiance, you’re going for their heavenly almond croissant, that is unbelievably chewy, and flaky and wonderfully satisfying; and their light and caramel-y cannelle. And you’re also going, because there is a tiny, hidden oasis of a garden in the back, that belies the stark, cold feel up front. The minute you step into the garden, you’re surrounded by butterflies, bumblebees and birds chirping. It’s a wonderful space.

(Side note: That’s my absolute favorite snakeskin backback, and it makes for the best travel buddy ever! I am able to pack three days worth of clothing, along with my computer and cables, and my toiletry bag, all in that one backpack. And it slips right under an airline seat! I love it because It’s really well designed, no wasted space at all. You can check it out at Itzy Ritzy, it’s called the Boss backpack. Use my link and you’ll get $15 off any purchase of $50 or more!)

After breakfast, I headed north on Bedford Avenue. One of my favorite finds was The Stone Flower, which had an eclectic mix of vintage goodies (I bought a whole bunch of Viewmaster discs from the 1970s!) and modern-day costume jewelry. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t even come close to the charm of the actual store, which literally spills out onto the sidewalk.

There is so, so much quirky fun goodness in Williamsburg.

Next stop, Beacon’s Closet on Guernsey St. I knew for sure I wanted to come here, as it’s made just about every top 10 list for thrift shops in New York. And indeed, it’s awesomesauce. Everything is arranged by color, not size, and every rack has incredible finds. I found everything from an incredible vintage Missoni dress to a trendy Madewell sweater. They go high-low for sure. Prices are great too.

From there I headed a couple blocks over to Feng Sway, a store that sells vintage clothing, antiques, crystals, plants, and a whole bunch of other stuff. I can’t really describe it, but it all works together. You walk in, and you honestly can’t help but feel like a glorious forest nymph….reclining on a leopard-print covered ratan loveseat with a sequined Nick Cage pillow.

Capped off the morning at Littleneck Outpost, which was right across the street from the Brooklyn Expo Center, where BlogHer was being held. My wallet was a little tired, so instead of the lobster roll that I originally had in mind, I opted for the sardine sandwich. And holy mackerel, was that a winner. First of all, before you say “ew,” sardines are delicious and chock full of oily omega-3 goodness. I already knew I liked sardines, but I had no idea how much I love sardine sandwiches. It was served on a crusty, chewy delicious baguette, with greens and good mustard, lemon wedges on the side. It was heavenly. I swear, even if you don’t like sardines, this sandwich might change your mind. Just the thought of it makes me salivate. I am seriously going to have to figure out how to make it.

There was so much more to explore, I honestly wish I had another full day there. Definitely looking forward to a repeat visit!


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