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This originally appeared on, the domain we used for our wedding. 🙂


So here’s the plan:

1. Small, intimate ceremony in Kauai on August 8, 2010 (8/8/10).
We (okay, mostly Carolyn) chose this date because the number “8″  is fortuitous in the Chinese tradition.  According to the the all-knowing Wikipedia, the Chinese word for “eight” sounds similar to the Chinese word for “prosper” or “wealth.”  And, there’s a visual resemblance between the two digits, “88″ and “shuang xi” (double joy).

We chose Hawaii because a long, long, long time ago, Jeff’s dad promised Jeff’s mom that he’d take her to Hawaii.  Instead, he used the money to build her a really nice house.  Also, Carolyn’s parents spend a lot of time in Kauai, and she’s never been.  So she figured getting hitched was a good enough reason to go check the place out.  Here’s a picture of the lucky parents.  I’m sure you’re smart enough to figure out who belongs to who:

“Our parents haven’t met yet, so we figured, throw them on a small island and pour some liquor in ‘em.  That oughta do it.”
– Carolyn

2. Take out a group campsite at Sleeping Bear Dunes State Park in Michigan.
You want a reception?  Well, we want beer, brats and a campfire.  Bring your tent, your sleeping bag, your kids and maybe your spouse, because we’d love to see you.  The first night is on us, we’ll bring food to feed aplenty.  Don’t bother bringing any gifts unless they’re of the liquid or cash variety.

Oh hey, you see that picture at the top?  With the heart-shaped stone?  Yep, Jeff and Carolyn found that on the shores of Sleeping Bear, so yes.  It really is a magical place.

3. Our favorite meal, a champagne brunch reception in Chicago.
French toast, omelettes, coffee and mimosas, Sunday brunch has got to be our favorite meal of the week.  Come toast the newlyweds at the Lakeview Banquet Room in Glenview.  Got kids?  There’s an awesome indoor water park right next door, and the Kohler Children’s Museum just a hop-skip away.


And here’s a screenshot of what that original website looked like. I actually designed that header myself. It’s amazing how much time you have when you’re single.


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